Pandoty, is a software as a service platform for the development of digital communities and e-learning solutions developed by Construyored. Pandoty incorporates solutions for the creation of social networks (digital ecosystems), E-learning for companies and mass notification tools (email marketing and text messages).

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions have more than six years of validation in the market, which have been acquired by recognized brands such as: Sumatec, Efigas, Cafexport, ILC, in turn we have worked with hundreds of companies such as Argos, Sodimac, Initiative, Audi, Pavco – Wavin, Universidad Javeriana, Promperu, Puertas Globales, among others. As a company we have the support of two corporate investors, which guarantees financial and accounting support as a supplier for different projects.

The benefit of contracting Pandoty’s services lies in the speed in which the solution can be adapted to your company, additionally the technological developments previously validated by the Construyored technological team and the users of the,,,, among other platforms will be integrated to your solution.

Pandoty - Communities Solution-01

Pando is a kind of tree that uses its roots to create networks, we believe in the union of communities as a productivity tool, helping brands to take a step further when it comes to connecting with their audience.