Discover the solution

to create digital communities,
develop remote training processes,
send marketing notifications,
that allows you to build value around
your brand or interest groups

Thousands of companies invest in social networks, but do not obtain all the strategic data from their audience. Integrate, create and manage any type of community, reach your audience by email, SMS or Push notifications. Develop Elearning processes, share news, enable walls for user interaction, enable tools communication between users and createw different segments that are strategic for you

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Digital Community

Invest in creating your own audience through our Digital Communities service.

Our digital communities service is an extraordinary tool that will allow you to be closer to your audience. This revolutionary solution will allow you to create your social network and integrate applications that increase user interaction with your brand, obtaining relevant data of each specific member of your community to leverage your influence and reach.


It is a revolutionary tool
that will allow you to train your team from anywhere.

Adapt your business to digital transformation through the remote training process. Lower training costs, standardize processes and break down geographic barriers.

Stop spending money creating Fanpages on Social Networks.
Develop your digital community faster and integrate our connectivity, productivity, sales, training, services and marketing applications.

Build your own digital community and collect data from hundreds or thousands of users.

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Make offers of products and services to your community. Invite more brands interested in the segment to reach your audience.

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Develop training courses for your community. This tool will allow you to develop courses, product launches, develop training, among other options.

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It allows users to connect around content of interest. Facilitates communication between them, through forums, news, posts on the wall, direct messages and friend requests.

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Capture advertising from brands that want to be part of your community.
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Allow users in your community to access a portfolio of products and services within the network, this will allow you to increase your B2C income.

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Digital Communities

Monetize and make your community profitable in the B2B and B2C segments

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¿Why is our solution revolutionizing
the way they communicate
brands with their audiences?

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Success stories

Digital Communities

The digital community of the construction and infrastructure sector in LATAM +200,000 Users

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Network of entrepreneurship by SENA Colombia.

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The digital community of the construction sector for the Belgian company Bekaert in Ecuador

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The digital community for Addi allies, one of the most important fintech companies in Colombia

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Brands that trust our solutions

Company Service

 Why are companies acquiring  

our E-learning solutions?

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Because it is an
economical and

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Savings are achieved
time and logistics

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It allows to provide
entertainment to
clients and count on

updated content.

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The company can
manage and perform
permanent monitoring.
Flexibility and ease of
development is generated.

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Allows the
of indicators.

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Metrics of our implementation. 

We have allowed our
clients to train more than
8,430 professionals
through our solution:
E-learning for companies.

We have corporate clients in different industries such as: Gas and oil, retail, construction, spirits and beverages.

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